2019 Pictures

2019 CYLA Winners

The 2019 CYLA winners were Hannah Chaisson and Zachary Poche

Hope Bag Donations

The Knights Of Columbus and the Social Responsibility Committee collected donated items to assemble "Hope Bags" for the homeless.

Flag Retirement Ceremony with Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 65 performed a flag retirement ceremony for about 75 American Flags after the KC 8342 June Business Meeting.

Wheelchair Ramp Construction

Wheelchair Ramp built on Oct 1st at the home of Ted Prudhomme. Brother Knights who participated were:
Delphin Russelburg, Merle Russelburg, Cliston Guillot, Keelan Ezernack, Ely Brooks, Jimmy Packard, Larry Harris, Anthony Babin, Terry Usry, Paul Allen, and Kenny LeBlanc

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Free Throw Championship

2015 KC Free Throw Championship

Senior Citizen Luncheon

2014 Senior Citizen Luncheon

Fr. Eric Farewell Gift

2014 Fr. Eric Farewell Gift

Soccer Challenge

2014 Soccer Challenge