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Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramp for disabled youth constructed in January by Cliston Guillot, Delphin Russelburg, Greg Duplessis, Gerald Blair, Tommy Ruemker and Paul Allen

New Steps

New steps constructed for Stevens family by Cliston Guillot, Delphin Russelburg and Paul Allen

Free Throw Championship-3

KC Free Throw Championship held in January at St. John The Evangelist Community Center

January Jambalaya Fundraiser

January 15 2017 Jambalaya Fundraiser

Family Day & Crawfish Boil

2017 Family Day Crawfish Boil

Senior Citizen Luncheon 17

2017 Senior Citizen Luncheon

2014-2016 Pictures

Free Throw Championship

2015 KC Free Throw Championship

Senior Citizen Luncheon

2014 Senior Citizen Luncheon

Fr. Eric Farewell Gift

2014 Fr. Eric Farewell Gift

Soccer Challenge

2014 Soccer Challenge